An initiative of Oxfam in collaboration with AMI
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An initiative of Oxfam in collaboration with AMI
call +254 20 2694004 | 0700 857024

Event Theme
The meeting will have a two-track thematic focus which will be based on the major concerns around extractives development in the region. On the one hand, there are concerns around huge negative social and environmental impacts as petroleum and mining infrastructure is being developed. On the other hand, there are concerns around whether communities and the government will fully benefit from extractive resources and resultant revenues. The event will feature talks and discussion panels along with Q&As from plenary.

Community Social and Environmental Impacts
Possible Topics

  • Impact of extractives on community land and environmental rights
  • Involuntary displacement and resettlement
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments

Extractives Revenues and Benefit Sharing
Possible Topics

  • Extractive Industry Revenue Forecasting
  • Revenue loss risks and securing a fair share for the government and local communities
  • Contract and revenue disclosure/ transparency
  • National and Sub-National Revenue Sharing in the Extractive Sector

In addition, there is the possibility or doing a pre-or post-event media interactive session. This would be an opportunity for media convened by AMI to engage in a deeper dialogue on issues that would have emerged from the

Expected Results
The meeting is expected to result in;

  1. Improved stakeholder collaboration and information exchange on extractive industries in the region. A possible output from the meeting will be the identification of potential areas for collaboration across the region.
  2. Increased and improved visibility of CSO extractives knowledge products and work experience from the region.